Saturday, October 22, 2011


here begins our HOLIDAY!!!

how i gonna spend my 1 week holiday ??!!
hmm...let's just plan...vb everyday?....but i miss badminton

kinda happy to get a chance to go for vb competition (as a reserve lar)
but..i m still happy...
the things i scared is i scared i cant perform well...
i scared i lose marks ...TT
i scared many things....
but for me i m quite excited...
to becum a cheerleaders for our team also can!!
i just hope i won't XIA SUI my team if gt the chance~plsss
how about my badminton....since i join vb..
my badminton becum worse...
no traning ,no ppl ply with me
how can i !!??
i USED TO BE....''ok''last i just lik a beginner..
i seriously hope i can find sum1 tat knw badminton to ply with me!!
i mean (in skul)...

i m locked in the hse....TT...
i wan outings!!!!
i wan to go out...
i wan sports...!!!
i need freedom~

ALL I HOPE is to hav a happy n fun Deepavali holiday...

Friday, October 7, 2011

i'm in MOOD...x )

....i m in a photo mood... besides studies...i hav done sumthing STUPID x )
u'll knw wat i have done, (later)...^^ ahha...anyway~ u can say me ..:'' eww, u're so perasan..!!'' but i still think i won't dislike of taking pictures..XDD actually...i hav nth to say but pictures to load......

:'' I'M always happy !!
i survived without sisters in same age~
but...i have BUDDIES rite..*buddyforever''

last year is full with my HAPPY memories..

for just few minutes..but we'r still
happy...MY BUDDIES..i miss u much
JAC u'r the most<3
teehee..=' )

Thursday, October 6, 2011

PEEPs..i'm back

I had been thrown into the dump site...n climb back again x )

ytd we gt a maths class with our cute teacher ..
thx a lot least now i knw how to solve those question adi...
ARGH~study study....pls study...
c mood~><