Thursday, August 11, 2011

broken heart~

u can't know that yesterday was such a AWESOME day....
the whole day was like without teacher...although it's fun but
my heart was like empty but just covered by a BIG SMILE~=/
I'm not that positive actually!

Anyway....few super duper painful spike on my hand makes me feel much more better~

The RESULT~i love it..
everything just [dun bother about the result...but just enjoy it for that few moments~!!!]

actually , kinda sad coz i just can't find true friend like u jac...i really miss u so much...
I PRETTY SURE U'R MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER.....*can i slap u.....?=)
i knew that everyone already found theirs but...i'm the one tergantung~

I m always staring at the screen ..can't u knw?!
Just like everyone is leaving me .........
can't it be last!
haih......nvm~i will accept the fact~
PS: but i knw u r the 1 nt changing @jacqueline!!

fine...ytd just a sucks day....i will delete it from my memory for my own good...but just share it here to feel better~!!

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