Friday, August 5, 2011

Volleyball lover

Hey buddies, finally i start my 1st post on this white paper...I knw i should start it with awesomeness,but i 'm sry that i lack of it=(

I jus backed from volley training, it's so fun! The sweat squeezing out from my whole body,the sadness got out too! if u r a outdoor games lover, i pretty sure u will like it =)
Today i got a headshot , kinda fun ! I jus dun care~><

Anyway..exam had past...cheers~the last war we go*FUN
the point is our result..i hope that it wont give me a noisy and scary night~
Because i tried it for few times's totally spoiling our nice mood~
Haih, y cant the holiday come earlier , i'm now in a holiday mood~/m\
Dreaming those schedule , i really cant wait for it!

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