Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm coming ''home''!

one step into my old house ,suddenly it becomes so strange~seems like i hav shifted for such a long time.. everything is kept changing and now i cant even stand with it/.\
the only thing that cheers me up is i'm so tall in that house, i can touch those things that so high up from me!!hehe..this proof I'M NOT SHORT,I'M IN FUN SIZE!!

But , i'm so sure that the things that constant is our heart is now broken into half, 1 half to my kepong friends and another part is here!
Advice: dun shift to somewhere too far from your old house if possible!!

this actually, is such a difficult task for me! i can't make sure our friendship will be like last time, but the thing that i can only do is trying to maintain it until my face really being thrown out from there sight* tats so hurting..

So....keep constant until u have received the '' red card''!

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